About Us

We were born in early 2016 with the goal of providing the best 360 degree home experience and services. We at JC automation works every day to give you the most convenient, reliable, and most importantly, economical wireless automation to your houses. Along with home modulation, we also provide wiring devices, switches and sockets, modular kitchen, and home theater, to give you a full smart home experience. With innovation and technology, we customize your house, make it more convenient, and the best place to live in.



JC Automation creates a dramatic extravagance to your home, your lifestyle in a simpler & more affordable way


Home Theater in Jaipur

With wireless control, entertainment can be more fun. Relax and enjoy the movie with your family just as in like home theatre experience. Lights can be dimmed to set the perfect level, creating the moment when the lights go down as the show begins. You can also create the lounge effect for partying with friends or a perfect romantic dinner for the loved ones just in your home itself with us.


“JC AIMS IN BRINGING OUT THE ELEGANCE IN YOUR HOME.” Contrast your home’s designs with the amazing lighting effect, style and functionality. We offer variety of lighting options for homes, offices, pubs, hotels and lots more with innovative accessories. Our aim is to enhance your room with the latest lighting controls. Make your lifestyle more enjoyable and productive with the control of your lights.

SEcurity and surveillance

Security Solutions by JC Automation

What’s life without being secure. After all security is the greatest luxury of all. So, enjoy this luxury in a more peaceful way with JC. We have a wide array of products for your security and surveillance that includes:- Smart door locks, security panels, security cameras, sensors etc. With us, you can control your home even when you are not there. Like, if your child is alone at home or may it be your grand parents, you will get notified if anything troubles them. You can have the vision of your house from wherever you are.


An automated home has the ability to respond to the changing climatic conditions. It automatically sets the Temperatures for various times of the day whether wea re home or away. We specialize in integrating all the above systems to be accessed over one common platform such as a smart phone, tablet, remote or your computer.

“Our core mission is to make people experience to be at home even when they are not!”

“Experience something as simple as a wireless automation system – Just with us, just with JC!”