Core Brands

Fuelled by innovation, crafted to perfection and powered by technological imagination; are a few ways in which Legrand can be described.

Arteor’s wide range of wiring accessories sets new standards in versatility and ease of use, redefining your walls with intelligent solutions.

Axolute switches are sophisticated and come in different textures and finishes. Give your interiors a touch of class.

 Britzy is the ‘No Problem’ switch – fully customisable and child-safe. It is built to last for over 1, 00,000 clicks.

Myrius is a picture of comfort and timelessness in design. Each product features high-end technology and is simple to use.

Mylinc products can transform walls. They let you surf, regulate, charge, control, and do so much more.

The sleek, minimalist look is perfectly in sync with the technology that sets the Lyncus range apart