Premium Modular

Thea gets you comfort, convinience and class.

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Luxury Modular

A sleek design with a matte finish and a specially textured finish


An artistic series designed especially to suit your exquisite taste.


Modular switches with an economic price range that is surely to make your house more attractive

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Mid Modular

A special range for residential,commercial and industrial use.


Eco Modular

Front removal accessories with a glossy white finish


Premium range that comes with sleek and collarless deesign with a smooth glossy finish

Sleek and Slim design with products that satisifies all BIS requirements.

Non Modular

Polycarbonate (PC) and Urea Material, White and Ivory Finishes for Penta PC range

Modular Boxes



Suitable for Roma, Penta Modular, Rider, Vision and Woods